There's a touch of magic in this song. And a lot of emotion. It's about calling out to someone who doesn't seem to want any help, and all you want to do is take away their pain. We've all seen someone we love struggle and know that feeling of helplessness. Sometimes, all you want to do is turn back time and take their pain instead.


This is a song wit a LOT of energy. You know that person that just seems to crawl under your skin, who just seems to exist solely to mess with you? This is our middle finger to that person. The song also has a dual meaning - because as much as we sing about not caring about this person and what they say, we all know that papercuts can sting quite deeply. 


This song hits you like a wall. Power and raw emotion are the main parts, and it's a great headbanger. Magic combined with a story of despair make for a great combo!


The story is dark and haunting, like a ghostly fairytale. Come with us to the world where death isn't the endgoal anymore, and revenge is the main theme. Enjoy the first videoclip Gallia ever created!

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